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audio production careers

4 Unique Careers in Audio Production

When you think of audio production careers, what comes to mind? Working behind a digital control console and mixing sounds for the next big television show or film? While TV and film are some of the most common career paths for students with a certificate in audio production, there are so many other industries that will open their doors to a graduate with an audio production certificate. Here are a few creative career paths that you can take as a new audio production professional:


The need for a strong audio component in storytelling goes far beyond live action blockbusters. When you work as an animation audio producer, you will be at greater liberty than ever to put your sound design skills to good use. Even if you are not in the position to create the original sounds that viewers will hear, you will play a key position in making sure that the intended viewing experience is carried out. A career in audio animation is all about playing up the ongoing action, and ensuring that sounds are well-timed, lively, and engaging.


If you’re an arts enthusiast, a position managing audio production at a theater company may be the perfect fit. As an artist yourself, you will have a unique opportunity to create the sounds that will be used in the real-time action of a live production. Audio production for theater is itself an art—creating sounds for the drama, comedy, or adventure taking place in front of a real audience adds an extra layer of emotion and creativity that’s essential to any theatrical production.


Can’t put down the controller? Pining for the latest installment of your favorite videogame series? If so, it is worthwhile to take a look at a role as a videogame audio producer. You’ll have the opportunity to combine your passion for the latest and greatest games with the skills to bring on-screen action up a notch with enhanced audio design. Videogames give audio producers an opportunity to create sounds for an interactive virtual world. These sounds help the user immerse themselves in the excitement of an alternate reality.


Looking for a career in a timeless industry? Being an audio producer in the radio industry is the ultimate way to scale your talent. With thousands of different stations and music genres, there’s no doubt that you’ll find one to match your tastes. You will have the opportunity to work with audio that is both prerecorded and live, often working to mesh them together in a seamless way that will leave listeners coming back for more.


No matter what your passion is, there are so many ways you can get involved in your dream career with a certificate in audio production. If you would like to learn more, stop by our audio production course page and find a class that fits your needs.

Factors to consider when learning video game design are focused on the user experience

Three Rules to Live By When Developing a Videogame

When learning to create videogames, students often determine the purpose and storyline of their games based on a simple set of factors- the kinds of games that they enjoy playing themselves. While this can lead to the creation of excellent games that are created out of personal interest and dedication, it can also lead to games which do not have a target end user. To create better games that are both enjoyable for the creator to make and their players to explore, here are three general rules that are helpful to remember in the videogame design process.



Bob Packert Photo Exhibition – May 15th

The surrealist work of Boston-based fashion/lifestyle photographer Robert Packert combines technical precision with serendipity and motion to create phantasmagorical worlds for models. His narratives are both intimate and moody. Trained as a fine artist, his visual fantasies experiment with new media and layered presentation. His work is widely published in the United States, China and the United Kingdom. The exhibit will be on display through July 15.

Admission: Free and open to the public | When: May 15, 2015 from 6:30pm-9:30pm | Where: 274 Moody St Waltham, MA


Open House – April 8th

Get To Know Your Digital Career

Join us at our Open House on April 8th and experience our community. Learn about our programs in the areas of Audio Production, 3D Animation, Filmmaking, Graphic & Web Design, Web Development and Photography.

To register, please visit our Events & Workshops page.



Pax East 2015

This years PAX East show was a huge success for Game Developers, Digital Media Artists, and Gaming enthusiasts. It was great seeing so many alumni out in full force, making names for themselves in the local gaming industry. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the CDA booth to learn more about our programs and 3D printer. Check out the games our alumni were showing at PAX 2015!


Web Design and Development

Week 5: Students finishing up their HTML/ CSS project. Learn more about the web design process.

From responsive design to the rise of mobile apps, web development is a constantly evolving landscape. Become indispensible in one of the fastest growing industries by mastering emerging style trends, user experience, and content strategy. Whether it’s devising innovative ways to display data or experimenting with typography, our immersive program will turn you into a web builder.

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