AU190 Introduction to Post Production

Course Description

This Audio Production course gives an in-depth introduction to the field of post-production sound for motion picture media. Class is introduced to the fundamental building blocks of film sound, their respective subdivisions, and related professions. Concepts of storytelling with sound, workflow, pre-dubs, calibrated mixing levels, unity gain stems, re-recording mixing methods, advanced signal flow paths, track layouts, and many more, are explained in great detail. Breakdown of the Hollywood school of post-production sound assembly-line will be exemplified through DVD playback and analysis, prepared Pro Tools session stems analysis, track layout, as well as instructor’s personal reflections. Editing and mixing sound toward story related goals will be explored using Pro Tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Import to Pro Tools an OMF/AAF file, created in video editing software
  • Host a professional spotting session with a film director
  • Define the building blocks of film sound and make exact distinctions as to their creative functions and describe responsibilities of their correlating professions
  • Create an industry standard track layout and signal-flow chain for re-recording mixing, utilizing “unity gain stems equal printmaster” methodology
  • Understand how unity gain stems enables the foreign release of a film
  • Edit Backgrounds, Sound Effects, Foley, and Sound Design utilizing Sound Effects Library as a source
  • Understand the aesthetic implications of mixing to calibrated levels