DG130 Form and Communication with Adobe Illustrator

Course Description

This course introduces students to design disciplines reflective of building and developing a vocabulary of visual forms while using Adobe Illustrator. Students will learn how vector graphics fit into the graphic design workflow and will continue to hone their skills in Adobe Illustrator.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the difference between Vector and Raster images
  • Utilize the various file formats native to the application and save files in the appropriate format
  • Utilize the tool palette to create and modify illustration elements
  • Drawing with the pen tool
  • Editing paths and controlling anchor points
  • Create and manipulate text, preparing files to be transferred from one system to another
  • Set and adjust the fill and stroke color for various objects, also students will learn to apply styles and create custom color palettes
  • Create, organize, reorder, and lock layers in any given illustrator file
  • Create templates from placed image files