DG170 Prepress and Color Management

Course Description

This course focuses on understanding pre-press and color management workflows and the display/printing issues that can affect design. Students learn the importance of working closely with printer and paper reps, professional best practices for working with transparency and spot colors, finishing and bindery possibilities, and the calibration of equipment and software.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to set up a Color Managed Environment
  • Calibrate monitors and software programs
  • Recognize the major commercial printing processes and the range of printed products they are capable of producing
  • Utilize major color proofing technologies; learn their comparative strengths and weaknesses, and the basic operational procedures of each
  • Use of Spot Colors
  • Construct successful digital documents for electronic print production processes
  • Establish color-managed digital design and production workflows
  • Print color separations
  • Cleanup, preflight, and package existing projects
  • Know the importance of a relationship with printer and paper reps (and to contact them as early as possible in the project)
  • Understand die-cutting, varnishes, paper and bindery options, and mock-ups
  • Work through a printer checklist and know what files/paperwork/instructions designers need to provide to the printer