DM130 Production Sound

Course Description

Production sound is one of the most important parts of filmmaking, but is also the most overlooked element. An audience may forgive poor image quality, but they are much less likely to forgive poor sound. In this Filmmaking class, students will learn production sound techniques for both fiction and non-fiction sound capture, such as mic selection and placement, signal flow and monitoring, and room toning. Students will also learn proper slating technique, to assist with logging and syncing footage in post-production.

Learning Outcomes

  • Different types of mics, their uses, and pickup patterns
  • Recording “sync-sound” into camera
  • Recording “dual-system” sound into an external recorder, to be synced later
  • Room toning to reduce sound refraction
  • Proper slating technique
  • Interview Recording
  • Narrative Scene Recording
  • Outdoor Recording
  • Wild Lines/Wild Sound Recording