DM150 Guided Project

Course Description

During this Filmmaking certification course students will work on a “guided project” that provides hands-on experience with many of the basics of digital filmmaking. This project is an immersive experience, to try out primary tools, such as camera, tripod, monitor, lighting, microphones, and media management of files. Students should not worry about mastery; since the ideas and this information will be revisited in formal technical training and in subsequent project cycles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Safe set up of camera, tripod, and monitor
  • Basic photographic controls of camera
  • Basic menu-driven controls of camera
  • Use of monitor for viewing and assessment
  • Ideas of “proper” exposure
  • Ideas of white balance
  • Basic use of lighting and grip equipment
  • Basic concepts on solid state media recording
  • Basic concepts of sound recording
  • Intro to NLE software and timeline paradigm
  • Working safely and in collaboration with the group