IM150 Materials, Lighting and Rendering

Course Description

The models are built, now it is time to add the color, texture, and shine some light on the result. This 3D Animation class deals with the importance of proper lighting and materials to obtain the highest quality result from your work in a time efficient manner. Emphasis is put on Mental Ray lighting, 3-Point lighting systems, Image Based Lighting, and the study of how light effects surfaces. Students will learn how to set up and adjust shaders and light properties to create the desired effects, generate realistic shadows, and create a high quality render.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Understand how to create advanced Mental Ray Materials
  • Understand how to create seamless backdrops and studio sets
  • Understand Mental Ray lighting techniques, such as IBL and Final Gathering
  • Understand how to create render passes
  • Understand how to use the Use Background Shader
  • Understand how to composite render passes
  • Expand on previous Photoshop and After Effects lessons to enhance renders