IM160 Environment Design and Set Creation

Course Description

Whether designing the next great golf course or a video game dungeon, this 3D Animation class focuses on the challenges and obstacles for creating geometry to represent exterior environments. Site planning and navigation will be implemented into the technical pipeline. We’ll discuss the creation and placement of both natural and man-made elements such as terrain, foliage, vegetation, buildings, signs and roads. The many reasons and methods for creating virtual environments will be discussed as well, and their implications.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Understand how to use the Sculpt Geometry Tool
  • Understand how to create Seamless Textures from Photographs
  • Understand how to create Layered Textures and Shaders
  • Understand basic Zbrush Navigation, Sculpting and Painting
  • Understand how to use UV Master and Headus UV Layout
  • Understand how to create Bump, Normal, and Specular Maps
  • Understand how to create Alpha Cards