IM180 Introduction to Character Rigging and Animation

Course Description

Before animation can begin, a model must be properly prepared. This course introduces the concepts of character rigging and the importance it plays in animation. Students will work toward the completion of their 3D Animation certificate by learning how to ready a model for animation by creating an internal skeletal structure and apply that to their 3D mesh. Students will also learn how to apply skin weighting and blendshapes in preparation for animation. Emphasis is placed on creating functional rigs for animations, consisting of complex deformation with a simple control setup to pose and apply motion to 3D models.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Create a Ball Rig and Ball Bounce Animation
  • Learn to adjust curves in the Graph Editor
  • Learn to create Joint Hierarchies and Controls for Animation
  • Learn to create Connections, Constraints, and Set Driven Keys
  • Create Ball Guy Rig with IK Legs, and Proper Skin Weights
  • Create a Walk Cycle, Run Cycle, Hill Walk, and Jump