IM220 Character Design and Storyboarding

Course Description

For the 3D Animation certificate students will learn what gives a character appeal. This course will explore some of the most iconic characters in Film, Animation, and Games. We’ll also cover the art of story telling, with thorough Pre-Production and Planning. Creating storyboards and animatics that will help students have a better understanding of how to pre-visualize a story, ensuring that all pieces work well before production begins.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Understand what makes a Memorable Character
  • Design Multiple Iterations of Character Concepts
  • Give and Receive Feedback on Character Designs with the Class
  • Create Texture Reference Sheets Detailing the Vision for the Character’s Textures
  • Name their Character and Write a Simple Back Story
  • Write a Scenario, with Dialogue for the Character
  • Storyboard their Character’s Scenario