IM250 Advanced Rigging Techniques

Course Description

In this 3D Animation class students will build a unique rig that fits their character’s concept and provides it the necessary range of motion. Students will continue to study anatomy for realistic results, and animation principles to provide cartoonier features as needed. Advanced skeletal systems such as stretchy chains and IK/FK Switches will be created. Students will also create Advanced Facial Rigs and a UI using MEL Scripting, Corrective Blendshapes and Secondary Motion Controls.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Joint Chains, Hierarchies, and Animation Controls
  • Learn to Create Custom Controls for complex areas such as Hands and Feet
  • Create IK/FK Switches
  • Paint Skin Weights from Head to Toe
  • Create an Advanced Facial Rig and UI using MEL Scripting
  • Create Corrective Blendshapes
  • Create Eye Controls with Dilation
  • Create secondary controls for Hair, Cloth, etc, as needed