AU150 Microphone Techniques

Course Description

Microphone selection and placement are an integral part of all recording sessions. In this Audio Production class, students are introduced to microphone types, polar patterns, filters and specifications. Additionally, students participate in several recording sessions in order to begin their training in the aural recognition of microphone selection and placement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the various microphone types and how they work
  • Understand the importance of microphone selection and apply this knowledge to selecting the right microphones for a variety of situations
  • Understand the use of direct boxes
  • Describe phase, polar patterns, and phantom power
  • Set up microphones in recording sessions to attain the desired sonic results
  • Understand microphone theory, types and their function
  • Understand microphone preamplifiers and their role in the recording process
  • Troubleshoot microphones during recording sessions
  • Record vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, drumset, and piano
  • Understand the workflow of a recording session and the various roles