AU160 Introduction to Music Production

Course Description

This module provides students with an in-depth survey of the practical and aesthetic components of record production. After a review of the history of the profession, and a series of discussions covering techniques needed to complete recording sessions on time and on budget, students will apply these concepts to recording a two song demonstration reel to work toward the completion of their Audio Production certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete a pre-production plan for recording 2-song demo for a band/musician within the allotted time, to the satisfaction of the artist, and to you, the producer
  • Understand the parameters of a recording session. The producer is responsible for including the schedule, the budget, the shaping of the artistic elements of the music, and the successful completion of the project within these parameters
  • Understand how recorded music has evolved from the invention of the medium to the present day
  • Learn the details of working with musicians, including how to keep the session on track, deal effectively with the myriad of potential problems in a session, and understand how the human and technical elements of recording interact