AU180 Introduction to Sound Design

Course Description

This Audio Production certification course provides students with an in-depth survey of Sound Design as a discipline that spans both creative, technical, and collaborative functions in the audio industry. Class discussions include theoretical propositions and creative workflows while labs allow for practical applications of the material explored. Production methodologies for sound design will be introduced through hardware orientation as well as proper techniques for location recordings in the field. Editing and designing sound toward specific goals will be explored using CDA’s primary DAW platforms (Pro Tools & Logic) as well as synthesis platforms offering powerful tools for creating new sounds “in the box”.

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce entirely new sounds using an acoustic sound sources
  • Utilize hardware and software synthesis as a tool to sculpt audio toward a physical and emotional goal.
  • Build an entirely new sound patch from a simple wave pattern.
  • Understand the function of a queue sheet for sound design in a post-production workflow
  • Fully integrate newly designed audio instances into a final 1-2min soundscape.