AU200 Physics of Audio, Acoustics & Psychoacoustics

Course Description

This Audio Production course presents the fundamentals of sound: sound waves, frequency, pitch, amplitude, phase, waveforms, timbre, the harmonic series, octave bands, and concepts of audio signal types and transducer operation. The class also features a detailed look at the aspects of sound in a space as well as the aural phenomena that shape the way in which we hear sound. Sound transmission, sound isolation, room treatments, noise and vibration reduction are conveyed via the correspondence to room acoustics and basic studio design topics. Students also investigate signal interface and sound perception.

Learning Outcomes

  • Envision sound propagation
  • Identify wave shapes
  • Identify audio signal types
  • Interface basic audio equipment
  • Identify acoustical treatment materials
  • Realize the complexity of isolated construction
  • Realize the complexity of achieving a low noise environment
  • Create a basic listening space
  • Describe how a microphone and speaker operate