AU210 Live Sound

Course Description

Live sound is a field with its own unique knowledge and skill set. This course is designed to introduce Audio Production certification students to the knowledge and skills needed to successfully build and run basic live sound systems given the variety of environments, requirements and goals seen in the live sound field. Students will gain this knowledge and skill set through classroom sessions, as well as, a practical session environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the different signal flows used in Live Sound, including for FOH and monitor systems; when to implement them; and why
  • Select and match individual components to best fulfill the requirements of the live sound environment
  • Understand the different types of recordings that can be done in a live sound environment, including how to select the best type to implement depending on the recording requirements
  • Apply proper mic techniques that balance the different requirements, including tonal quality, gain before feedback, and sightlines
  • Properly select and wire a FOH and monitor system that balance sightlines, sound quality, and safety
  • Understand how to properly run a FOH system as well as a multiple-monitor mixes