AU240 Advanced Microphone Techniques

Course Description

This Audio Production course will cover the techniques used for capturing the highest quality recordings possible. By employing these techniques on professional musicians with studio experience, students learn how to make informed decisions about proper microphone selection and placement. Topics include: stereo recording techniques, improving isolation through the use of microphone polar patterns and movable studio acoustic treatments, “less is more” recording techniques, guitar reamping, and vocal signal paths.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the sonic differences between different types of microphones, and learn what types of microphones work best in different situations
  • Audition multiple microphones on the same source to aid in microphone selection
  • Determine if moving the microphone, adjusting the polar pattern, or modifying the recording environment will improve the recorded sound
  • Record sources in stereo by using one of the many techniques discussed
  • Use room microphones to allow for the manipulation of depth in mixing
  • Create a complete recording signal path, including microphone preamp, compressor, and equalizer, to record a more polished sound
  • Approach tracking sessions from the mindset of a mix engineer