AU260 Advanced Post-Production for Film

Course Description

This Audio Production class gives a further exploration into the field of post-production sound for motion picture media. Students are introduced to dialogue editing, ADR recording, Voice-Over recording, and the world of Surround Sound mixing. Exercises are used to further the students’ understanding of storytelling with sound, workflow, pre-dubs, calibrated mixing levels, unity gain stems, re-recording mixing methods like futzing, source music mixing, music montage, advanced signal flow paths, track layouts, and more. Breakdown of the more advanced aspects of post production sound will be examplified through DVD playback and analysis of Dialogue Mixing and Surround Sound aesthetics. Editing and mixing sound toward story related goals will be explored using Pro Tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Import an OMF/AAF file, and create from it your own professional routing schematic from scratch within a Pro Tools session
  • Edit Production Dialogue, Voice-Over and ADR
  • Record Voice-Over and ADR
  • Prepare and execute recording session utilizing ADR cue beeps and Spot mode
  • Utilize noise reduction software to clean up production sound
  • Mix film sound content using “futzing” and “source” techniques
  • Fully understand and apply the concept of “dialogue is king”
  • Explain the proper, nuanced aesthetics of 5.1 Surround Sound