AU280 Audio Documentary Production

Course Description

This Audio Production course focuses on producing a high-quality audio documentary under a tight deadline. It will provide students with a strong grasp of the theories and applications required to create an audio documentary with high production value. Class discussions include story angles, proper recording techniques, interviewing techniques, narrative structure, use of natural sound and music, voiceover coaching, editing and other post-production practices. Throughout the class, students will also listen to audio documentaries to further gain a larger understanding and identify what makes a cohesive audio documentary with a strong narrative structure.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a 3-5 minute audio documentary or portrait of a person, place, concept, or idea
  • Implement the use of natural sound and music to create a “space” for the listener
  • Hone interviewing techniques
  • Write scripts for the ear
  • Apply previously learned mixing techniques, such as EQ, compression and panning in order to create a consistent sound quality in the final project mix