AU290 Mastering

Course Description

This Audio Production certificate course is intended to provide students with the knowledge necessary to prepare material for its final delivery to the consumer. We will discuss the history of mastering, it’s current place in the audio production process, and the standards that must be adhered to in order to ensure that the final audience experiences exactly what the artist intended. Through a mix of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on work, students will learn key techniques of audio processing for mastering and audio restoration, along with gaining a highly granular understanding of digital delivery formats.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare a properly formatted Red Book CD-A Master
  • Edit an album to provide the desired listening experience
  • Apply EQ and Compression to a mix to correct problems and ensure a consistent timbre and level across an album
  • Understand the differences between lossy audio codecs, and know how to configure an encoder to provide the best output for a task
  • Use restoration software to repair distorted, damaged, or noisy audio