AU300 Sound Design for Animation

Course Description

This Audio Production course provides students with an in-depth survey of Sound Design for Animation. Students shall gain insight into the creative, technical, and collaborative function of the sound designer when working with picture. Class discussions include theoretical propositions and creative workflows while labs allow for practical applications of the material explored. Production methodologies including session templates and file management will be introduced through practical assignments. Editing and designing sound for animation will be explored using CDA’s primary DAW platforms (Pro Tools & Logic)./p>

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the historic and theoretical implications of sound design for animation
  • Augment an existing video animation with creative sound design executions
  • Sculpt audio toward a physical and emotional goal that helps to tell the story
  • Reinforce the importance of using basic DAW tools such as markers, time-code, video syncing, OMF export/import among others.
  • Understand the function of a queue sheet for sound design in a post-production workflow
  • Understand and deliver various final audio assets