DG 120 Typography and Layout

Course Description

Students explore the role of typography as a visualization of language and continue to explore graphic design’s use of hybrid imagery. Students are encouraged to participate and respond to a critical analysis of text and informational data, further refining their design skills and sensibilities. Typographic solutions are evaluated in an effort to bring resonance to communication problems and offer an approach to design that heightens the expressive power of the page as well as the screen. This course introduces students to design disciplines reflective of building and developing a vocabulary of visual forms while using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. Students will learn how vector graphics fit into the graphic design workflow and will continue to hone their skills in Adobe Illustrator

Learning Outcomes

  • Intro to the Macintosh and Adobe Creative Suite   
  • Qualify the basic classifications and anatomy of Type 
  • Understand the components of letterforms 
  • Identify typefaces by classification and the uses of different fonts within a typeface family 
  • Add typefaces to Font Book 
  • Control and manipulate kerning, tracking, and leading 
  • Have an introduction to Adobe InDesign 
  • Set up and utilize a grid system in InDesign 
  • Recognize the role of each application in Adobe’s Creative Suite 
  • Have an introduction to the relationship between a layout program such as InDesign with AdobeIllustrator and Adobe Photoshop