DG140 Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop

Course Description

This course is oriented toward an overall introduction to the tools and features of Adobe Photoshop, with an emphasis on general understanding of its use as a graphic design tool when working with and evaluating digital imagery. Students receive an introduction and overview of digital imagery, followed by general explanations of the tools and functions of Photoshop. Development of imagery as a sole Photoshop document or in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator elements, and as a single image solution to a communication problem will be emphasized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Preparing and Exporting files for print
  • Utilizing the various industry standard file formats
  • Understanding how to incorporate Illustrator elements in Photoshop
  • Non-destructive image manipulation/correction
  • Manipulate image resolution and demonstrate how it applies to different graphics, also students will learn how to resize and crop images
  • Work with layers to build and modify an image
  • Utilize the tool palette to select and alter components of an image
  • Create and modify text in Photoshop
  • Set the various color modes, select and identify specific color, and modify an image’s color
  • Batch processing multiple files using Photoshop
  • Developing a workflow and customizing Photoshop
  • Introduction to Bridge and file management
  • Discussion of stock imagery verses custom photography, Rights managed vs. Royalty free