DG150 Typographic Principles with Adobe InDesign

Course Description

This course focuses on typographic compositions using Adobe InDesign. The basic tools of InDesign will be featured. Students explore working with a grid and designing across multiple pages. Students expand their knowledge of typography, layout, and color, and also integrate Photoshop and Illustrator files. Exporting to Acrobat PDF files is also covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create new documents with custom page sizes, margins and columns
  • Create master pages (parent and child), override and unlock master page items
  • Utilize and modify text and graphics frames
  • Link (manual, semi-automatic, and automatic) and unlink text boxes
  • Import graphics and work with text wraps, clipping paths, and alpha channels
  • Format type over multiple pages through character/paragraph styles
  • Recognize the difference between spot and process color
  • Create new color swatches and apply transparencies
  • Find and fix broken links
  • Perform a preflight check and package files for output
  • Create a PDF from and modify export settings
  • Working with the grids, baseline grids, and fixing spacing issues