DG160 Typographic Systems with Adobe InDesign

Course Description

This course focuses on typographic systems using Adobe InDesign. Students will further develop the skills learned during the previous modules while adding an understanding of many of InDesign’s automated and time-saving features like lists, find and replace, data merge, tables, and books. Students will apply the skills learned during the first two modules of InDesign to develop a significant portfolio piece.

Learning Outcomes

  • Stronger command of skills introduced in previous courses
  • Understand how to use short cuts to work faster and produce larger scale projects
  • Working with the grid, baseline grids, and fixing spacing issues
  • Conditional Text for multi-variant documents
  • Nested Line Styles
  • Open Type
  • Nested Styles
  • Text Variables and Cross References
  • Merged Data
  • Snippets
  • PDF options and PDF export. Interactive PDF settings and Previewing
  • Long Documents and Books
  • Preflighting and Packaging