DW170 JavaScript & jQuery II

Course Description

Here students will continue learning about Javascript programming, and will be introduced to the jQuery library. jQuery allows developers to easily create advanced interactivity and visual effects in their projects, including transitions, slideshows and animation. Students will take the production values of their websites to the next level as they learn the ins and outs of jQuery. This Web Development certification module will focus on user interface and user experience enhancements that will allow students to really set their sites apart. We’ll also look at how jQuery can help us with common utility functions like accordions, image swaps and “read more/less” functionality.


  • jQuery Effect Methods
  • jQuery Event Methods
  • jQuery Traversal Methods
  • Callback functions and timing
  • Common jQuery Plugins
  • Using jQuery to Improve UX

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why and how to add Javascript/jQuery to a web project
  • Gain further experience with programming for the web
  • Start to think critically about user experience
  • Use jQuery to provide a polished and interactive web experience