DW180 WordPress I

Course Description

Students are introduced to the web’s most popular content management system, WordPress. WordPress makes creating a standard site or blog simple and repeatable, and it allows the end-user to manage the site without the developer’s help. This course will go over the foundation knowledge that you need in order to utilize content management systems (CMS), specifically WordPress. Students will review HTML, CSS and JavaScript while walking through the process that leads up to creating a site that is content managed.

Learning Outcomes

  • HTML/CSS Review
  • Advanced topics on HTML/CSS—with our sites on Content Management
  • Introduction/review of LAMP servers, MAMP and web hosting
  • Introduction to PHP and dynamically driven websites—getting our feet wet
  • Introduction to MySQL and databases—what it looks like and how it is used
  • Bridging the gap between static sites and database driven sites
  • Introduction to WordPress – History and Basics
  • WordPress Installation
  • Working With WordPress – Understanding the WP Dashboard
  • Posts vs. Pages – WordPress Content