Critical Skills Review I: Non-Fiction

Course Description

Students will be tested and evaluated on their skills developed in the Non-Fiction Project Cycle of the Filmmaking certificate. This module will enable students to demonstrate, reinforce, and increase their proficiency in technical and functional skills. There will be solo and small group exercises to perform, under deadline. Students will be evaluated on how efficiently and effectively they execute. They will also be provided with supportive feedback on how to better employ skills, fill in any needed fundamentals, and how to consider the use of these skills in a fluid and non-dogmatic way in their future work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Camera and Sound
  • Camera moves and coverage
  • Lighting & Grip
  • Editing and Presentation
  • Usage/Vocabulary
  • Interviews
  • Verité
  • Division of labor on a shoot
  • Functional shooting to suit an edit
  • Discussion of product at a more demanding level