DM140 Introduction to Non-Linear Editing

Course Description

Director Quentin Tarantino summarized editing, saying “The last draft of the screenplay is the first cut of the movie, and the final cut of the movie is the last draft of the script.” A movie can be well executed in the scripting, pre-production and production stages, but the overall quality of the story hinges on what is done in the editing room. The editor ultimately controls the structure, pace and emotion of a piece; elements that directly control how the viewer experiences the final product.

Non-linear editing allows the editor infinite flexibility to try scenes different ways without doing damage to the original footage. With Final Cut Pro X, it also provides tools for extensive organization, allowing for the editor to find the perfect shot when he or she is ready. This Filmmaking class will give an introduction to both the Final Cut Pro X software, and to a variety of editing techniques used to manipulating viewer attention as they watch your work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Setting up a project with Libraries, Events and Projects
  • Importing media in an organized fashion
  • Organizing clips using Keyword Collections, Ratings, Folders and Markers
  • Editing clips into the timeline and various techniques for trimming
  • Filters and Effects
  • Exporting