DM170 Lighting for Non-Fiction

Course Description

Students are now in the Documentary Project Cycle of the Filmmaking certification, demanding shooting of formal and informal interviews, and B-roll and verité style footage. This module is devoted to technical instruction and practice on how to shoot and light these types of situations, with more specificity depth than is covered in the introductory lighting and grip course. This will include lighting spaces, using available light to best advantage, and shooting under mixed light conditions. Emphasis will be on consistency of formal set-ups, and practicality in all other situations. Students will be encouraged to see the exercises as preparation for the range of situations they will encounter in the next week of shooting, and attack the problems they anticipate in completing their short doc project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Types of instruments/luminaries in use at school
  • Nature of these instruments, characteristics of their light output
  • Suggested common usage by type
  • 4 primary control characteristics (DairyQueenIceCream)
  • Expansion of how to work with mixed lighting and in-between White Balance values
  • Review of interview lighting
  • Lighting for spaces
  • Analyzing available light
  • Using minimal sources to address deficiencies in available light
  • Practice with exposure settings under time constraint
  • Use of expressed and implied motivated sources
  • Strategies for dealing with multiple camera shoots
  • Movement and adjustment of lights for coverage