DM190 Non-Linear Editing II

Course Description

At this point in the Filmmaking certificate program, Students have gone through DM140 Introduction to Non-Linear editing and have edited projects on their own in the DM150 Guided Project Course. This Filmmaking class aims to build upon editing skills gained from in-class instruction and practice by the student. It reinforces proper organization and editing technique, as well as introducing the student to advanced topics in media management, motion graphics and project finishing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Setting up a project with Libraries, Events and Projects
  • Importing media in an organized fashion
  • Organizing clips using Keyword Collections, Ratings, Folders and Markers
  • Editing clips into the timeline and various techniques for trimming
  • Filters and Effects
  • Exporting
  • Smart Collections
  • Transform controls for resizing clips and other images
  • Keyframing for Light Motion Graphics work
  • Sound Editing and Mixing
  • Light color correction for fixing improper white balance