DM210 Doc Approaches to Non-Fiction Projects

Course Description

This Filmmaking certificate module links documentary approaches to other non-fiction programming, with plans of action, and with practical, structured exercises. Topics include events, news, life style, performance, and reality. Most people who work in these fields have solid documentary skills that are applied to the particular programming.

Learning Outcomes

  • Equipment/Technical
  • Solid shots for final edit
  • Appropriate camera and lighting for programming style
  • Sensible lighting, exposure, white balance for consistent footage
  • Good sound, with clear and present speaking of subjects
  • Using ambient and “wild” sound to assist with the sense of place
  • Appropriate use of tripod, handheld and even dolly shots
  • Shots incorporating pan/tilt and zoom, as well as single focal length shots
  • Solid focus, except as acceptable, brief “finding” of focus during transitional shots and verité footage
  • Establishing shots
  • Good execution of media management and storage
  • Sensible, timely editing of brief exercises
  • Editing styles appropriate to the programming