DM220 Story Forms and Functions

Course Description

This Filmmaking class is the start of a broad section of the Program on Narrative filmmaking. This module focuses on the script. Standard formatting is introduced, as well as paradigms for story structure. Students will analyze sections of existing scripts to see how storytelling building blocks can be seen within this blueprint for a movie. They will explore how scripts can inform, enact and evoke the audience. As part of this module, students will begin a script for use in their own independent project. All story ideas will be presented to class to see if they meet the criteria for clear and compelling storytelling. Throughout the program, students will work independently to bring this script to a point where it can be produced in the final, Independent Project section of the Filmmaking certificate program, should they choose to do a Narrative Project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Screenplay format
  • Screenplay software
  • Collaborative writing
  • Screenplay language
  • Story Structure
  • Story/scene analysis
  • Pitching Story