DM230 Directing Performances and Sequences

Course Description

Students will learn the responsibilities of the director and the functional objectives of the director’s job during this Filmmaking class. While the role of the director might vary from project to project, it is the director’s responsibility to lead the production both on an artistic as well as a management level. For narrative projects, storytelling is one of the director’s primary responsibilities. It is essential for a director to be prepared and to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to successfully communicate the story to the audience.

The course will also include how a director prepares and the basic skills and tools needed to effectively tell a story. Emphasis will be placed on storytelling fundamentals, script analysis and breakdown, as well as how to use the camera to cover a sequence. This Filmmaking class will also cover how to effectively get believable performances from actors. Students will also learn the importance of the casting process and how to effectively conduct a casting session. These skills and knowledge will be used during an actual casting session where the students will audition talent for the directing project/deliverable that week.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of the director
  • Working with a creative team to complete and refine the vision of the director
  • The importance in understanding the audience
  • How to analyze the script and translate that into a film or video
  • What are the techniques in getting performances from actors
  • What are the essential ingredients in casting
  • How to cover a scene using the camera and taking sound into account
  • What is a Director’s Binder
  • Casting criteria, and casting for upcoming group project
  • Prepare the students for their own independent projects