DM260 Narrative Group Project II

Course Description

This is the Production module of the Narrative Group Project cycle of the Filmmaking certification. Students are now executing the script(s) that have been prepped in prior modules. The emphasis for student goals is the creation of a film that is coherent, with the plot easily followed, with clearly defined characters, and coverage that contributes to the storytelling. The emphasis for Instructor goals is in teaching and supervising proper procedures for shooting narrative, likely both on set and on practical locations. It is also in facilitating clear communication on set, and in assisting with decision making by the student group. In all cases, the prior preparation is the basis for beginning discussions and execution of production.

By the end of the course, students should have all of the raw footage needed to edit their project into a coherent short film. Because of this need to complete shooting in the time allotted, the standard methods and approaches to ensure production efficiency will be put into place, with the help of the Instructor, so that students can “make the day” each and every day.

Learning Outcomes

  • Camera settings overall, and for consistent shot selection
  • Focus pulling, as needed
  • Use of exposure guidelines
  • Use of grey card/grey steps chart for new scenes
  • Use of movement and adjustment of lights for coverage from other angles and turnarounds
  • Dolly protocol and use
  • Use of sound gear, including mixers, boom mics, and lavs
  • Use of lighting and grip equipment in novel settings