DM290 Picture Finishing

Course Description

Picture lock is an essential stage in the post-production process. It not only signifies that the edit of a project is finalized, but also that it is time for project finishing to begin. During the finishing stage, many post-production departments begin work that they could not have done previously while edit decisions were still being made. These takes include color grading, sound mixing, scoring, and visual effects, among other tasks.

In this Filmmaking class students will be introduced to the finishing technique of color grading, where a captured image is modified to give it the final “look” that it will have in the finished picture. Students will also be prepped on how to prepare their final Filmmaking certificate projects for post-production sound departments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Software/Technical
  • Color Grading
  • AAF Export
  • Contrast
  • Color Casts
  • Vignettes
  • H/S/L Qualifiers
  • Finishing Codecs
  • Image Sequences
  • Spotting Sessions
  • Preparation for Audio
  • Academy Leader