DM300a Commercial Group Project I

Course Description

Students will experience all phases of commercial production. This includes working with a client to develop a commercial project, creating a treatment, writing a script, all phases of pre production and production. This course will also include some business basics for the independent commercial producer. Students should already have acquired basic productions skills during previous Filmmaking certification modules. While this course will reinforce their production skills, they will also be taught a set of skills which will include how to communicate effectively with a client, the vocabulary of commercial production as well as the business side of producing a commercial project. These new skills will prepare the student to efficiently work as a commercial producer. Emphasis will be placed on speed during the pre-production process, production and post production. It should be emphasized that in order to realize a profit the producer must work efficiently.

Each student will be responsible for pitching their idea to the client based on their chosen project. In this exercise the instructor will play the role of the client and give feedback to the student concerning the video project. It is important to note that the instructor will play two roles during this course. The instructor will also be called upon to role play as the client. Here the student will experience what it is really like in dealing with a client.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and provide handouts on commercial production concepts and examples of business basics. Hand outs will include basic contracts, invoices, budget forms, explanation of model and location releases and other forms pertinent to commercial. production.
  • Identify which students are ready to begin pre-production and if necessary help any which might need help in developing an idea.
  • Emphasize story telling and the importance of keeping the project on message.
  • Ensure all students have the skills in videography and editing.
  • Emphasize the importance quality sound and video and how poor sound or poor video can doom a project.
  • Prepare examples of outstanding commercial productions. Discuss these examples with the students and determine how they can use these proven methods and practices in their own project.
  • Emphasize that that one of the goals of this class is for students to learn to work quickly during all phases of the production process.