DM310 + DM320 Independent Project

Course Description

The Filmmaking certificate leads students up to the point where they can make their own independent filmmaking project. The vast majority of students will have an idea in mind from the start of the Program, or one that has evolved as they have learned and perhaps developed during the Story course. These project initiators or authors will employ others within their class, and outside of their class, to execute this project in a structured, multi-module framework. The Guidelines included here will assist project authors in their development process, and outline requirements that must be met.

Some students will choose not to be the project author, but instead will wish to focus on their skills in an area of concentration. This might be producing, cinematography, lighting, sound or editing. Filmmaking is a collaborative discipline, and it is expected that anyone with a legitimate credit can show a project for the purposes of getting the next job. The Guidelines here will outline requirements for those who wish to concentrate on a particular area of skills.

Project authors are strongly encouraged to enlist their fellow students in a fully collaborative way, thus giving the project the greatest chance for success. Everyone is encouraged to provide much needed labor and help on a range of others’ independent projects. Everyone in the industry carries sandbags or coffee at some point in their career.

Learning Outcomes

  • This set of courses will utilize everything learned in the program to this point, and encompasses all of the filmmaking disciplines (screenwriting, pre-production, production and post-production). What specifically each student takes from these courses depends on what they choose to do. Some may choose to write and direct their own project. Others may choose to augment their skills in a particular discipline or department by working on multiple projects.