PD400 Critical Skills

Course Description

Positioned near the midpoint of the program, this course tests and reviews students‘ comprehension of previous program topics. Students will work independently off-campus to complete a complex photographic assignment, on deadline, designed to stimulate both creative and technical problem solving. A detailed critique of the assignment will allow the instructor to evaluate each student’s critical skillset, identify problem areas needing further attention, and assign tutoring or extra work as needed.

The course concludes with each student’s commitment to a photographic project focusing on an area of personal interest, which will be presented as a deliverable during the Portfolio courses at the end of the program.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Lightroom Catalog in order/Library course
  • Lightroom Develop Course
  • Round Tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop
  • Selection Tools in Photoshop-Quick Selection Tool, Pen Tool, Channel Masking, Color Range, Paint Brush
  • Refining Selections
  • Adjustment Layers: Curves, Levels, Hue Saturation, Selective Color, B&W, gradient
  • Difference between Pixel and Adjustment Layer
  • Pixel Editor Vs. Metadata: what is the difference and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • DSLR Function
  • Reciprocity
  • Studio Lighting
  • Fundamentals of Composition
  • Quality of Light
  • Color Temperature
  • Blending Modes
  • Bit Depth
  • Color Space
  • Basics of Color Correction
  • Studio Safety and best Practices
  • Working with others