PD410 Portfolio Development

Course Description

The production of a photographer’s portfolio is an ongoing process of evaluation and reevaluation that should never be truly finished. Whether formatted digitally as a website or physically as a print book, a portfolio must at all times clearly and effectively reflect only the artist’s strongest work. This final course begins the process of focusing and defining each student’s creative identity by writing a biographical artist’s statement, then selecting, reviewing and refining a collection of images both for print and the web that best define his or her current creative ability and professional ambition. Working together as a class, in private meetings with a program director and through focused individual effort, students will learn how to define and present their distinctive vision to their chosen markets. Please note: Portfolio Development also requires the selection, approval and preparation of final prints and images for Graduation Gallery Show and media.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • The importance of editing and constant reevaluation
  • Refining the portfolio and website based on individual strengths and area of interest
  • Portfolio defined, print and web (show examples)
  • Traditional print portfolios
  • Current digitally-produced portfolios, print and electronic
  • Generating “buzz”
  • Design and branding
  • Portfolio Resources
  • Website Resources
  • The artist’s statement
  • Making a first portfolio edit
  • Refining website portfolios
  • Preparing for a portfolio review
  • Individual reviews with instructor begin
  • Printing for portfolio
  • Value of printing portfolio in spreads vs single images
  • Designing portfolio spreads in Photoshop
  • Printing portfolio spreads from Photoshop