PP130 Printing Fundamentals

Course Description

This Photography class teaches both the objective and subjective skills necessary to produce exhibition-quality inkjet prints, and is a deep dive into Lightroom’s Develop and Print functions. Students will develop a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques that enable complete control over the final print’s density, contrast and color. Simple print finishing techniques like dodging, burning, vignetting and color range adjustment complete the process. Students will also learn a variety of black and white conversion and print methods, and after a demonstration of archival matting and framing, will have the option of leaving the course with a beautifully matted frame-ready print.

Learning Outcomes

  • Inkjet print technology overview
  • Ansel Adams and the fine photographic print
  • Review of digital color concepts (space, mode and White balance)
  • Discussion of color management model of printing vs. test prints
  • Using standard reference materials and environment
  • Advanced Lightroom RAW development for print
  • Lightroom’s Print Module
  • Page Setup, Print Driver and Print Job setup
  • Making a test print template in Lightroom
  • Evaluating and adjusting global print density, contrast and color
  • Print finishing techniques in Lightroom
  • Converting color files to black and white in Lightroom
  • Advantages of desaturated RGB over grayscale
  • Adjusting local contrast with Grayscale Mix
  • Methods of printing black and white
  • Archival matting and framing techniques