PP170 Practical Applications of Photoshop

Course Description

This Photography class explores more in-depth use of masks on adjustment layers and introduces masking on multiple pixel-based layers with an image. Emphasis will be placed on refining selections and creating more accurate masks through the use of channels. Other advanced retouching tools and techniques and new methods on using selective color correction will be introduced and all will be put to use in creating prints from Epson printers.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Making use of the right tool for making a selection
  • When to clone, heal or patch and why
  • Refine selections
  • Using image info to assist in directional enhancements
  • Begin to think about how to blend local enhancements further
  • How and when to sharpen an image
  • Use of making vector paths with the pen tool
  • Correcting for lens distortions in photoshop
  • Conversions to BW
  • The difference of bit depth
  • Why adjustment layers are better