PP190 Integrating Photoshop into the Creative Studio

Course Description

One of the most exciting aspects of digital photography is the immediate access to the post-production processes required to solve technical challenges or to realize a creative vision. Photographers no longer need to surrender control to retouchers, compositors or lab technicians – we now can do it all ourselves, often right on the set as we are capturing images. A solid understanding of both the nuances of studio lighting and the layering, selecting, masking and blending methods available in Photoshop is a powerful combination indeed. This Photography class introduces and explores how deliberate and precise lighting and post-production techniques used in tandem result in a far more controlled, efficient and creative imaging workflow.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Separating a photo shoot into different capture variations to solve problems
  • Combining different photographic content using layers and layer masks
  • Studio lighting techniques/best practices
  • —Flexible set construction
  • —Shooting for “silhouette”
  • —Light modifiers/reflectors
  • —Edge/reflection control
  • —Precise, “surgical” lighting (i.e. 2×2 softboxes/grids in place of 3×4 softbox for product work, etc.)
  • Relevant Lightroom/Photoshop topics
  • —RAW versioning to optimize dynamic range
  • —Selections, Masks, Layers
  • —Pen Tool
  • —Combine layers using ‘Blend-If’ mode
  • —Alternate blending methods
  • Masking and Blending exercises
  • —Controlling reflections
  • —Controlling light source reflections
  • —Split shooting using mixed light sources to enhance shape and texture
  • —Split shooting using exposure variations to enhance dynamic range
  • —Combining multiple split shooting approaches
  • Basic compositing exercises
  • —Analyzing image content
  • —Edge quality
  • —Matching perspective
  • —Light direction, color and character
  • —Shadows