PP230 Location Portrait Photography

Course Description

This Photography class will address the skills necessary to create powerful environmental portraits for corporate, editorial, and advertising clients, as well as the retail portrait market. Assignments will focus on using the location or environment to help convey a narrative about the subject. The course will address obstacles and other professional considerations (scouting, scheduling, planning, equipment) needed to create a successful environmental portrait in a multitude of situations.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Correctly pose male and female subjects using the surrounding location to lead to or frame the subject, tell a story, enhance the subject, and add visual interest to your portraiture.
  • Handle a wide variety of lighting situations including natural light, outdoor light, open shade, window light, available room lighting, one and two light strobe set ups, mixed lighting, and strobe outdoors.
  • Choose appropriate lenses for each situation to achieve the desired effect in the portrait.
  • Manage and control backgrounds with light, depth of field, lens choice, and exposure to enhance the subject in the portrait.
  • Begin to create images that appeal to a retail portrait audience.
  • Understand that all elements are important in a composition
  • Integrate location and subject to create meaningful portraiture