PP260 Photo Illustration

Course Description

Commercial and editorial photographers must often move beyond simply capturing “found” images and instead pre-visualize, design and produce complex visual constructions limited only by their imagination. By combining an extensive knowledge of camera, lighting and Photoshop skills learned in previous course, students will conceptualize an image that displays the attitude, lifestyle or message needed to sell a product or promote an idea. Studio and location shooting and advanced Photoshop compositing techniques are equally emphasized, and students are encouraged to ignore conventional constraints and challenge themselves to create compelling, convincing and confounding photographic illustrations.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Understand the process of conceptualizing an image: brainstorming on a topic and thinking visually
  • Advanced skills for compositing in Photoshop
  • Creating credible, photorealistic shadows in Photoshop
  • Matching light between separate images
  • Attributes of light: Quality and Color
  • Pre-production, thinking of everything necessary to create a composite images