PP270 Wedding Photography

Course Description

This course will illustrate photographic concepts needed to successfully photograph a modern wedding. Topics will range across lighting, posing, and photographic styles, and will address current trends and traditions addressing the complexities and challenges of photographing weddings. Students will learn to create a personal brand and signature for their work, and to successfully market and network their business. The class will address how to work with brides and appeal to current trends in the industry, and how to set yourself apart. The curriculum will also address booking weddings, initial consultations, contracts, pricing, and client relationships that will grow and nurture a new wedding business.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Case Studies of Prominent Wedding Photographers
  • Visual Shot List
  • The typical wedding day. Preparing for Wedding Day
  • Wedding photography equipment
  • Working with assistants
  • Care of memory cards on the job
  • Organization
  • People Skills
  • Responsibilities of the wedding photographer
  • General Lighting discussion, challenges of using mixed and available lighting
  • Time constraints
  • Professionalism
  • Research
  • Current trends in the wedding industry
  • How to find your target market through other vendors-Florists, Venues, Wedding Planners, etc.
  • Feminine Posing for a formal gown
  • Masculine Posing
  • Couple Posing
  • Engagement Portraiture
  • Formal chair posing for groups
  • Informal Group Techniques
  • Etiquette for group posing
  • Lighting Groups
  • Background control
  • Using Window Light
  • Using Video Light
  • Using speedlights
  • Dealing with Mixed lighting
  • Wedding Post Production
  • Using actions in Photoshop
  • Business and Financial Overview for Wedding Photographers