PP280 DSLR Video for Photographers

Course Description

Driven in part by the rapid development of DSLR cameras incorporating high definition video capabilities, the convergence of still photography and filmmaking has created a profound shift in the nature of both media. For still photographers especially, the integration of movement and sound into our work has become a crucial (and highly marketable) skill. From planning the shoot by storyboarding, through sequencing the shooting schedule, advanced lighting (including “motivated” lighting with continuous supplemental light sources), dynamic focusing and exposure, directing subjects and crew, and tracking movement through the frame, students will begin to master the fundamental aspects of video production using the same small, portable and highly flexible DSLR cameras they already own.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Use basic controls of the their DSLR to shoot a video interview
  • Operate focus, focal length and iris controls of camera
  • Follow a simple lighting plan for a video interview
  • Understand utility and uses of a video monitor
  • Understand utility and uses of in-camera exposure tools
  • Use a basic field sound mic and boom for a video interview
  • Understand concept of a linear signal chain for sound trouble-shooting
  • Reproduce simple shooting plan for Interview
  • Define and execute simple B-roll materials
  • Begin process of acquiring analytic tools for reviewing footage