PP300 Multimedia Tools for Photographers

Course Description

In this course students will learn how to use Final Cut Pro to build multimedia projects that contain still images, as well as recorded audio and music. Students will also learn audio recording and room toning skills that will help them to obtain good quality audio when interviewing a subject. The class will conclude with each student delivering a multimedia project using assets given to them by the instructor, as well as images of their own (optional).

This section of the program is broken down into three topic areas. The first focuses on learning Final Cut Pro, the second on storytelling and allocates time for media collection, and last is an editing lab, where students will edit their photos and audio into a 3-6 minute multimedia piece.

Learning Outcomes/Topics

  • Audio recording and room toning
  • Export from Lightroom for Final Cut Pro, and why certain frame sizes are used
  • Final Cut Pro High Definition Sequence Setting, and why it is used
  • Final Cut Pro picture and audio editing proficiency
  • Proficiency with the “Ken Burns” (Pan and Zoom) Effect
  • Export for DVD and H.264 Quicktime delivery using the “Share” menu