DV230 PHP and MySQL I

Course Description

This Web Development class moves toward back-end development as students learn the basics of PHP coding, one of the world’s most popular server-side languages. Students are then introduced to MySQL and the concepts and best practices for working with databases in their Web Development certificate projects. The use of these databases allows students to add myriad new features to their projects, including user account information and persistent user-created data.


  • Understanding $_GET and $_POST
  • Dynamically generated websites
  • Templating
  • Associative arrays and looping
  • Beginning security best practices
  • MAMP, php.ini and error reporting

Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen programming skills while learning PHP syntax
  • Understand the difference between “back-end” and “client-side”, and when to use each
  • Working with forms and URL variables
  • Learn about GET and POST requests
  • Understand the basics of PHP templating
  • Setting up a local development environment