DV310 Mobile Web Development

Course Description

In this Web Development class, students learn best practices for making sure their sites perform equally well on all devices. Concepts like media queries, responsive design and mobile scripting will be explored, and students will gain experience solving design problems that arise when trying to accommodate a smartphone screen and a full-sized computer monitor all at once. jQuery Mobile adds usability and user interface features that make it simple to create an experience like that of a native app.


  • Responsive Design
  • Media Queries
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Gradeful Degradation
  • Javascript UX Enhancements
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS and other CSS preprocessors

Learning Outcomes

  • Reinforce responsive design concepts and best practices
  • Get students comfortable with popular frameworks including Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and LESS
  • Understand the principles of progressive enhancement, graceful degradation and mobile first design
  • Use Javascript to enhance the user experience for users at different screen sizes